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 Maurice Charles Louis van Essche (1906-1977)

EXHIBITION 1951: first man exhib, Brussels. 1930 and 1935 : La Jeune Peinture Belge, Brussels & Paris 1937: Ghent Salon. 1939: one-man Elizabethville, Leopoldville. 1941:first SA exhibition Cape Town; many since in all major centers. 1948:Overseas Exhibition of SA Art, Tate Gallery. 1948-52 ;exhibition of International Art Club, SA. 1950: Venice Biennale. 1952: Van Riebeeck Tercent Exhibition, Bulawayo. 1954: Venice Biennale. 1956: First Quad of SA Art 1957:Sao Paulo Biennale. .1960 Second Quad of SA Art. 1961:Sao Paulo Biennale. 1963: Sao Paulo Biennale. 1965: Sao Paulo Biennale (featured artist). 1966: Rep. Fest .Exhib. Pretoria. 1969 Le Petit Palais Geneva. 1971 Rep.Fest.Exhib.: Prestige Retrospective Exhib. SA National Gallery, Cape Town, Pretoria Art Museum

PUBLIC COLLECTION SA: SA National Gallery Cape Town, Pretoria Art Museum, William Humphreys Gallery Kimberley, Hester Rupert Art Museum Graymston University of Wits Gallery, Johannesburg Art Gallery, UNISIA, Rand African University, Hester Rupert Museum ,GR Rembrandt Foundation: King George VI Gallery , Abroad: Museum of Graphic Art, Brussels; Beazley Gallery Jerusalem and lot of Corporation Company and private collection in SA and aboard

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