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 Christo Coetzee (1929-2001)

EXHIBITION 1951: first man exhib. Cape Town, 1955 first London exhib. Hanover Gallery,Pittsburg International Exhib, USA. 1959: exhib Tokyo and Osaka Japan, 1961 Paris one man exhib Gallery Stadler The Art of Assemblage Museum of Modern Art, New York. 1'Objet Louver Museum Paris. Several other international group exhib. in Europe and Americas. One man exhib. in Europe and USA. 1965: Prestige Retrospective Exhib at Pretoria Art Museum 1965 exhib of Peter Stuyvesant Collec, Louver Museum Paris. 1971 Rep Fest Exhib Cape Town 1974: Contemporary SA Art Athens 1977 Monaco Biennale, Monaco France 1978 Art in SA turning USA. 1981 Rep Fest Exhib Durba

PUBLIC COLLECTION SA: SA National Gallery Cape Town, Pretoria Art Museum, William Humphreys Gallery Kimberley, Hester Rupert Art Museum Graymston University of Wits Gallery, Johannesburg Art Gallery, UNISIA, Rand African University, Potchesfstroom University, Sandton Munnic Collection, Pietersburg Art Gallery. Abroad: Peter Stuyvesant Art Foundation, Amsterdam Visual Art Centre, Turin notable private collections including Mme Schiaparelli, Paris Phillip Johnson, New York Michel Tapie Paris

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