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 Frans Claerhout (1919-2006)

EXHIBITION Blmfont.Exhib.1960:Secend Quad of SA Art;1961 one-man exhib.throw Country. 1964:Third Quad of SA Art;1966 Repp. Fest Exhib Pta Art Muis. 10th Anniv.Blmftn.1978/79 Art touring USA 1979:Prestige Exhib.Pta Art Mus. 1980/94 regul. Exhib.Belgum and all over the Country

PUBLIC COLLECTION SA Nat.Gal.CT William Humphreys Gal. Kmbly AC White Gal Blmftn;Hester Rupert Mus.GR Univ of Wits Gals.Jhb.Pta Art Mus.Rand Afrik Univ.Murals in mission churches in Blmftn. Edenburg,Potchefstroom.Schweizer-Reneke, Witzieshoek and lot of the private collect

We had the question on the line:
Question: how does a buyer verify that the painting is an original painted solely be Frans Claerhout and not painted by his "assistants” - Asked by client our answer: We agree with you that it is the problem. Number of strange painting signed with F.Claerhout reached the market. We think that the best idea is to know more about F.Claerhout art works. It is good to have the book of F.Claerhout art work one, or even more than one. These sources give you more idea how the paintings of F.Claerhout look like. We advise you to buy this art from Seller than you can trust. If somebody offers this art for a chip price it is strange. Why he does not sell it in the Leading Auctioned House of Fine Art for much more money.

Claerhout Frans Digital Prints

For over 25 years we have been associated with Frans Claerhout and kept very close contact and good relation with him. We have bought many art works and have made many prints from Frans Claerhout art works. F.Claerhout himself sold some of our prints of his art work images from his studio. We also received an order from him for making prints for his special projects.

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Claerhout Frans Digital Prints