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 Adriaan Boshoff (1935-2007)   Vermeulen-Breedt Claerhout Digital Prints

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References AASA, Gallery Summer 1983. Self-taught painter of landscape, seascape, still life and figures. Works in oil, drawing.

Born in 1935 in Pretoria, Adriaan Boshoff is one of South Africa’s greatest impressionists. He hasn’t been formally trained in fine art at school, everything what he accomplished it was his hard work with incredible passion for creating something unique and original that never has been done before.  Boshoff perfected his art and became a master in color of his own. He developed  techniques for creating colors that were copied by lot of follower artists. Boshoff was very perfectionist in his work, a few times sketching every potential painting beforehand.  Boshoff passed away in 2007 leaving in our art society a big whole in South Africa’s impressionism and who knows may be in the world.

Profile Transvaal’s extensively throughout Southern Africa Exhibition 1973 Denis Holtz Gallery Johannesburg, first of seven solo exhibition he has hold in SA