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 Gregoire Boonzaier (1909-2005)

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EXHIBITION 1925:first one-man exhib.CT 1936 Royal Academy Empir.Exhib.1948 Overseas Exhib.SA Art Tate Gal. 1952: Van Riebeeck Tercent xhib.CT.Pta 1967: Prestige Exhib. Pta Art Mus.

PUBLIC COLLECTION SA Nat Gal;CT;Jhb Art Gal.Pta Art Mus.
Durban Art Gal;AC White Gal.Blmftn;William Humphreys Art Gal
Kmbly;Ann Bryant Art Gal.EL;King George VI Art Gal.PE Hester Rupert Art Mus. Lot of private and public collection