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 Giuseppe Armani sculture,Florence Sculture d'Arte

Giuseppe Armani sculture, Florence Sculture d'Arte Sculpture Figurine

Guiseppe Armani Florence Figurine. Made in the Florence Studios in Tuscany, Italy.

Twenty-five centuries of art, the unsurpassed skill of Italian craftsmanship and the unique talent of Giuseppe Armani and his select school of sculptors combine to give you the passion of these fine sculptures. Individually crafted and painted by hand in Tuscany, they are a precious addition to every modern or classic interior. Share the tradition of such a heritage and become the proud owner of a Florence sculpture, which will bring the pleasure of art to you and your friends for many years to come

Giuseppe Armani was born in Calci (Pisa, Italy) and has achieved international fame and recognition. He started to draw when he was very young, later he dedicated his work to sculptors. Even at an early age, his artistic representations were uniquely sensitive and his interpretation vibrantly brilliant. Initially he followed a self-taught path, working in the workshop of art gallery. He created many works of arts in the area of Pisa, Florence and Siena.

In 1975 Florence Sculture d’Arte and Armani commenced their exclusive relationship. This merging brought the unique opportunity of introducing people to different cultures and traditions and to the experiences and the emotions that are the basis of any artistic creation. Armani has today selected two pupils he has identified as capable, under his guidance, to carry on his superior style and work

“Madonna with Child” and “Young Saint John” were presented to Pope Johan Paul II in 1996 and admirers the world over have acquired his sculptures


To maintain and preserve your figurine, we suggest you to observe the following instructions:

-Avoid exposing the figurine to constant direct sunshine, strong artificial light or intense head.

-Clean with a soft dry brush or a soft cloth soaked in water.

-Never use alcohol or solvents.

We trust that you will treasure your figurine from the Florence Studios

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